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Harrison, Cohen and Mitchell Publishing
has a mission.  That mission is to publish stories that both young readers and adults enjoy.  There is no treat to a child comparable to a parent or older sibling reading to them.

We believe the formula to excite children and keep them focused about reading is clever stories, our stories.  Each one is highly creative and challenging, offering the opportunity to draw on analogies from experiences.


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Harrison, Cohen and Mitchell Publishing has released three series of young reader books.  See All Our Books

    Character Tales,” are stories that use a situational approach to learning positive behavior. Currently there are 3 books in this series: Parents Don't Always Do The Right Things. Friends and Forgiving. Patty Liz and Kindness.

     “From Inside A Hollow Oak Tree,” are mystical stories that drop in on different spiritual lessons.  The Mean Root of Crowteal Pond is our first book in this series.

    “From the Travels of Guppy Flynn,” are whimsical stories with simple, fun to follow messages.  Our first book in this series is Fish with Feet.

We are proud to announce that other stories from our original series are due to publish in 2010.

If you would like the artist featured to contact you, please contact us by e-mail at editor@harrison-cohen-mitchell.com

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  • We are looking for new children book stories.  If you would like to submit an edited draft of your work, please contact us by e-mail so we may forward you a submission package.  We are only interested in original work that is whimsical and highly creative.

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Parents Don't Always Do The Right Things


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